Sell Door

Simple apartment and house plugin for roleplay servers.


  • Players can buy and sell their doors
  • Admins have to configure the doors to be sellable
  • The doors can be linked to barricades/structures
  • The doors data is saved in a .json file located in plugin's directory
  • The plugin supports UI for buying and selling doors
  • You can limit the number of doors a player can own


  • Ewad the Sauce God for sharing his custom UI
  • battletom1233 for sponsoring the addition of the UI to the plugin

Workshop (optional)

Sell Door UI - 3239968404


  • /selldoor <price> – Puts the door on sale
  • /costdoor – Displays the price of the door
  • /buydoor – Buys the door you look at
  • /checkdoor – Displays a door ID, price and owner
  • /deletedoor – Deletes the door
  • /linkdoor <id> - Links a barricade/structure to specified door id
  • /unlinkdoor - Unlinks a barricade/structure from the door


<!-- Player Commands -->
<Permission Cooldown="0">selldoor</Permission>
<Permission Cooldown="0">costdoor</Permission>
<Permission Cooldown="0">buydoor</Permission>
<!-- Admin Commands -->
<Permission Cooldown="0">selldoor.admin</Permission>
<Permission Cooldown="0">checkdoor</Permission>
<Permission Cooldown="0">deletedoor</Permission>
<Permission Cooldown="0">linkdoor</Permission>
<Permission Cooldown="0">unlinkdoor</Permission>


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<SellDoorConfiguration xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Translations xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
  <Translation Id="DoorNotLooking" Value="You are not looking at any door" />
  <Translation Id="DoorNotForSale" Value="This door is not on sale" />
  <Translation Id="SellDoorFormat" Value="Use: /selldoor &lt;price&gt;" />
  <Translation Id="SellDoorWrongPrice" Value="{0} is not a valid price" />
  <Translation Id="SellDoorSuccess" Value="Successfully put door #{0} on sale for ${1}" />
  <Translation Id="DoorNotOwner" Value="You are not an owner of that door" />
  <Translation Id="CostDoorPrice" Value="You can buy this door for ${0}" />
  <Translation Id="BuyDoorSuccess" Value="You successfully bought this door for ${0}" />
  <Translation Id="BuyDoorCantAfford" Value="You can't afford to buy this door. It costs: ${0}" />
  <Translation Id="BuyDoorLimit" Value="You can't own more than {0} doors!" />
  <Translation Id="DoorAlreadyOnSale" Value="This door is already on sale" />
  <Translation Id="DoorItemNotLooking" Value="You are not looking at any barricade or structure" />
  <Translation Id="LinkDoorFormat" Value="Use: /linkdoor &lt;doorId&gt;" />
  <Translation Id="WrongDoorId" Value="{0} is not a valid doorId" />
  <Translation Id="DoorNotFound" Value="Door with Id {0} was not found" />
  <Translation Id="DoorItemNotOwner" Value="You are not an owner of this {0}" />
  <Translation Id="LinkDoorSuccess" Value="Successfully linked {0} with door #{1}" />
  <Translation Id="CheckDoorSuccess" Value="This is door #{0} for {1} owned by {2}" />
  <Translation Id="DoorItemAlready" Value="This {0} is already linked to door" />
  <Translation Id="NotDoorItem" Value="This {0} is not linked to any door" />
  <Translation Id="UnlinkDoorSuccess" Value="Successfully unlinked {0} with door #{1}" />
  <Translation Id="SellDoorNoPermission" Value="You don't have permission to add a new door on sale" />
  <Translation Id="DeleteDoorSucccess" Value="Successfully deleted door #{0} with {1} items" />
  <Translation Id="SignPropertyOwner" Value="Property owned by {0}" />
  <Translation Id="SignForSale" Value="For sale for ${0}" />
  <Translation Id="SignNotForSale" Value="Not for sale" />
  <Translation Id="UI_Title" Value="Door #{0}" />
  <Translation Id="UI_Owner_Key" Value="Owner" />
  <Translation Id="UI_Price_Key" Value="Price" />
  <Translation Id="UI_BuyButton_Text" Value="Buy Property" />
  <Translation Id="UI_SellButton_Text" Value="Abandon Property" />
  <Translation Id="UI_Owner_Value_You" Value="You" />
  <Translation Id="UI_Owner_Value_Unkown" Value="Dusk Property Group" />
  <Translation Id="UI_Price_Value_NotForSale" Value="Not for sale" />
  <Translation Id="UI_Price_Value" Value="${0}" />